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Designing the perfect ‘foot companion’.

Footwear is constantly evolving. And so are we.


Meet K360!

The sporting goods industry is at a turning point. And we’ve created a new think-space to harness it. Find out how we explore upcoming opportunities with zero limits.


Revolutionising kitesurfing design.

We utilised brand-new technology and processes with our client Harlem Kitesurfing to pave the way for the future.   


Building in sustainable options for positive change.

We want to enable our clients to make powerful changes that will last. Our experts joined forces to strategize how KISKA can trigger meaningful, durable impact – across all services.


Skills United! Designing sporting goods for a new era.

Lead Product Experience Designer Stephan Lintner believes future sporting goods’ performance depends on cutting-edge design, uniting skills, and sharing cross-industry know-how.

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Apparel. It’s brand, that fits.

The connection between clothing and people is underappreciated. Particularly as clothing is a literal extension of your brand – and the body. In fact, it can build deep brand loyalty.

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Parametric Design tunes the rules of possibility.

The limits of engineering, manufacturing, and tooling have never stopped clients from asking KISKA to do the “impossible”. With Parametric Design, we’ve got a better enabler than ever.

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Shaping the future of sporting goods. 

In partnership with adidas, and funded by EU Horizon 2020, KISKA CrossTalks unpacks the importance of cross-industry partnerships in fast-changing times.

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Stop demanding cars do everything.

Want to master the future of mobility? Stop thinking that cars alone are the solution. From governments to drivers, Managing Partner Sébastien Stassin says we can no longer invest everything into cars, and expect everything from them. Instead, the future of mobility is a range of services that target specifc needs.


There’s no room for styling in micromobility. Yet.

Client Director Markus Wechselberger asks that brands design for business goals and style later. It’s the only way to build viable brands with sustained value.

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The future is fluid: SUNBEAM 32.1 development.

With the 32.1 Sailing Yacht, SUNBEAM and KISKA blew traditional boat design standards out of the water. Check out the process behind the sell-out product. 

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Experience prototypes make better products.

And brands. In fact, when it comes to new products, there’s no better way to get decisionmakers into an idea. They give solutions the clarity and emotional kick needed to move forward.

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Students and KISKA unite!

KISKA supported semester projects for upcoming university talent, where the students tackled a tricky subject – the future of motorsports.

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Rallying desire and inspiring trust: The Norden 901 campaign.

The Norden 901 is Husqvarna Motorcycles’ first adventure bike. To translate buzz into sales, KISKA created a Brand Communication campaign that sparked desire for the product and trust in the brand. 

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Ditch the hard sell. Up the attitude.

KTM bucked industry norms with an integrated and long-burn brand campaign that adds value to the DUKE experience. Both on and off the bike.

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Lighting isn’t the future of streetlights.

Streetlights are a universal feature of urban infrastructure. They also have a huge capacity to drive change.

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Strategy is rational. Products are emotional.

Be brave. Be bold. Take risks. In Strategic Product Management, real differentiation happens when products are 100% on-brand. No compromises.

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Crafting the KTM 790 DUKE prototype.

What does it take to design a motorcycle? Real people. Who have the strategic vision and hands-on talent to bring a bike – and it’s entire brand ecosystem – to life.

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