Are you maximising CTG’s potential? 

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Colour, trim & graphics is a powerful tool in your toolkit. CTG has the unparalleled ability to elevate your brand and drive business impact. But how can you leverage this resource to its full potential?

CTG is a superpower. Use it well and your brand can become legendary.

If not, you lower the perceived value of your product and even risk diluting your brand. At KISKA, our experts are passionate to share their learnings from over 30 years of industry experience and demonstrate the power of CTG.

CTG goes beyond merely aesthetics, it’s a dynamic tool which can boost brand visibility, prolong product lifecycles, and weave compelling narratives which bring products to life. But it takes a skilled eye, steady hand, and strategic approach to craft designs grounded in market insights and user behaviour, which also considers current technological limits or potentials.

“Colours create emotional connections, enhance brand recognition, evoke memories, and guide purchasing decisions.”

– Marco Di Pietro, Senior CTG Designer.

At KISKA, we believe in hands-on experiences… 

And that’s why we value physical, in-person engagements with our clients. Our most recent involved Segway-Ninebot in Shanghai where we conducted a knowledge-sharing workshop with their industrial and CMF design teams to uncover the value of CTG. We’ve honed our expertise in strategizing (and executing!) CTG to drive tangible business results – and workshops like these give us the opportunity to support our client partnerships and elevate the industry.

In order to unlock CTG’s full potential, it should never be an afterthought. Rather, it should be a systematically integrated workstream, running from the beginning to the end of a design development project.  

“Relying on innovative materials or advanced tech isn’t enough for differentiation as everyone will have access to them. The key lies in creatively directing these resources to elevate your brand to new heights.”

| Dinesh Raman, Senior Design Manager. 

One aspect our CTG team emphasises as essential to success is a strong strategic foundation. This strategy stage guides our experts to mix captivating colours, choose materials, and craft graphics which resonate with your brand’s essence. Having a skilled team is one thing – but knowing how to manage and leverage that skill is the true key to success in today’s dynamic market.  

Grounded by strategy. Unleashed with creativity.  

We use our Perception Layer Framework to evaluate our strategies and design. This is a tool we use to structure our approach and streamline the decision-making process, all while aligning with brand requirements and constraints. It allows our designers to create concepts consistently relevant to the end user.

In today’s competitive landscape, the focus on CTG is paramount for differentiation. This is especially the case in China, where brands are rapidly pushing boundaries with innovative materials and processes. However, without the proper direction, the overuse or inconsistent use of CTG can dilute – rather than sharpen – a brand’s identity. This is why we stress the importance of equipping your teams with the most up-to-date know-how and strategy when developing new products.

“From first glance to final touch, the power of colour, trim & graphic design lies in forging a visceral connection with the user. Countless hours of strategy and refinement; all distilled into a single, impactful experience.”

– Ferdinand Klauser, Partner & Managing Director Asia.

Stay ahead of trends and learnings – or risk your next release falling behind the times.  

This is why we prioritise learning and knowledge-sharing with our clients. To ensure that, together, we push the limits and explore new opportunities to the max. Our collaboration with Segway-Ninebot is a prime example of how KISKA and client can mutually benefit from these eye-level conversations.  

CTG is a powerful way to achieve your business goals. But, to maximise CTG’s effects, you need to approach it strategically. If you also see the potential in CTG for your brand, reach out to our experts. Start a conversation and see where it can take you.  


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