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The sporting goods industry is at a turning point. And we’ve created a new think-space to harness it. Somewhere we can share our impact, our strategy, and experiment with new ideas. This is our playground.

The daily challenge…

Talking about WHAT we do – and therefore, how we can HELP our clients. The sporting goods industry is an ever-changing landscape, which pushes the need for agility in design. We needed a ‘space’ where we could explore multifunctional, adaptable, innovative concepts. So, we created one.

“In my opinion, you must work differently in order to think differently. K360 is our brainchild; a forward-thinking idea space, with the ability to inspire.”

– Jack Le Goff, Apparel Designer & Developer.

Let’s talk creativity.

This is our solution lab. A fluid, constantly evolving idea-space which serves as our incubator for new concepts. A place where we can exercise our creativity, flex our strategy skills, showcase our services, and display our ability to generate impact. A catalyst to exchange our vision with our clients – and display how to power brand differentiation and relevance.

“The sporting goods industry is at a turning point. Warehouses are full. Companies are grappling. Only one thing is certain – brand differentiation and relevance is key”

– Matteo Cerutti, Lead Product Strategy Consultant.  

Meet K360.  

Our concept’s vision has one purpose: to re-examine the status-quo in sportswear. We want to explore fresh concepts and explore new combinations, hardware, and gestures. Sometimes it won’t be conventional. Sometimes it won’t be market ready. But we intend for every idea to be functional and tailored for its use-case.

“K360 is an incubator of ideas, where we think of future product ecosystems – with fewer boundaries and more overlap between disciplines. We envision modular, ‘Swiss knife’ solutions which transcend seasons and categories”

– Margarita Navarro, Lead Apparel Designer

Our playground.

K360 expands over multiple sports segments. Currently, we’ve taken direct inspiration from our alpine playground and focused on trail-running, gravel biking, and stand-up paddleboarding. All sports we love! Our first prototypes cater to these sports and the unpredictable Austrian weather patterns.

“In our K360 ‘perfect world’, we’re also considering sustainability from the very beginning. Building it into the brand core, in the product strategy, and exploring it early in design. And those are just a few examples! It’s truly inspiring”

– Rosanna Haider, Product Management Consultant

So, what’s coming?

One thing is for certain – this isn’t a ‘one-and-done’ project. We fully intend to shape K360 continuously. If you visit KISKA, we’ll probably show you the latest thoughts in person and showcase how to create unmistakable brand recognition. This is K360; our solution ‘lab’ space, tailormade to give our experts creative freedom and explore the future of sports products.

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