Colour, trim, and graphics inspired by nature.

Aqua Marina | All-Around Collection | Brand Boost | Eye-Candy

Shining bright in a crowded market, Aqua Marina features stunning (yet strategic!) colour, trim, and graphics across their entire ALL-AROUND range.


Research | Colour, Trim & Graphic design | Product Strategy | Brand Communication


Devoted to real experiences, Aqua Marina’s portfolio ranges from SUP to boating. And their All-Around Collection encourages users to leave the city behind and get lost in the wonder of nature.

And nature inspired our designs too. The all-new 2023 colourways feature bold gradients taken from the most stunning natural settings. The deep teal of a tropical ocean. The soft orange of a sunset. The footpad grip textures are also rooted in nature, with a practical sand ripple effect which provides paddleboarders with dependable friction.

We also created the packaging for the ALL-AROUND series. Refined typography, minimalistic white background, and reduced layout all contribute to the box’s premium feel.

Colourway, graphics, and packaging all aligned to Aqua Marina’s brand promise: ‘WONDER IS ALL AROUND’.

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