What’s it like being a Senior Transportation Designer?

Hands & Minds | Gil Deltruel-Gervais

“The journey is what makes design work so fulfilling, and addictive.”

What do you do as a Senior Transportation Designer?

As Senior Transportation Designer for two-wheel mobility, I make sure that everything the team designs is “on brand”. No matter the client or the size of the project.

In my time at KISKA so far, I’ve worked on a number of high-profile projects for KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles, and GAS GAS. I’ve designed and developed motorocycles and technical accessories, and have also provided support for KTM Factory Racing, Product Experience Design, and Apparel Design.

I often marvel at how many different kinds of projects I’ve been able to work on here. 

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Describe your day-to-day work.

Every day is an opportunity to achieve the freshest design possible at every stage of a project. Like defining a complete brand strategy through design. Or developing branded design languages. And even ensuring every part of a product – including those that will never be seen by the user – meets our quality standards.

The tasks are plentiful, diverse, and what make working at KISKA a never-ending learning curve. 

How would you describe your team dynamic and how you work with KISKA clients?

The two-wheel transportation design team at KISKA is a great mix of talents and skillsets. The setup ensures that each project team has the desired expertise level for every topic.

What’s the best thing about your job? And, the most challenging?

With big clients – like KTM – the constant boundary pushing between design and engineering is the most exciting part of the job. The friction it creates is necessary and results in the best possible product. The journey is what makes design work so fulfilling, and addictive.

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