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GASGAS | MOTO | Eye-Candy

Launched at EUROBIKE 2023, the GASGAS MOTO is a spirited and gritty E-Bike from the brand which lives life at full throttle.

Why throw a spanner in the works when you can throw the whole toolbox? The MOTO is here to spice up the E-Bicycle industry. At odds with the conventional, neutral-coloured E-Bikes popular on the market, GASGAS’s latest creation sports a distinct supermoto-inspired design that’s aimed straight at urban youths– or anyone with that rebellious, ‘get on the gas!” spark. This completely original mobility solution was evolved by the KISKA team – and attracts a new wave of consumers to the GASGAS brand.

The GASGAS brand is full of energy and enthusiasm, so we knew we couldn’t just design a standard E-Bike. The custom steel frame and bench seat directly mimic its big brother, the Supermoto, and guarantees endless hours of riding fun. Its clean lines practically beg to be covered in dirt, customised with stickers, and marred with memorable battle scars. With large wheels, five-speed motor, and a hidden battery, this is an E-Bike designed to pack a punch, which directly ties into their brand values: daring, capable, vibrant, and inviting.

If you’re ready to play – so is the MOTO.

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Gil Deltreul Gervais and Rainer Trummer working on the KTM RC8c in landscape crop

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GIL DELTRUEL-GERVAIS | Senior Transportation Designer, Two-Wheel 

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