Making bold decisions to powerfully boost a brand.

Magura | Brand Boost

A high-quality bicycle component manufacturer boldly stands-out from the crowd and makes an exciting transformation – showcasing our ability to create swift impact.


Brand Communication | Research | Brand Strategy | Product Experience Design | Branded Space Design | Product Consulting.

130 years of brand heritage.

Learned from, respected, and utilised for maximum industry impact.

A constantly changing industry.

Brands must make bold decisions to be desired and stand out.

Courage to switch it up.

Powered by KISKA, Magura unleashes a new Look & Feel to boost their brand awareness.

What’s the perfect brand response in a competitive playground?

For brands in the ever-evolving cycling industry, staying ahead is the only option. In a climate where every manufacturer (big or small) is competing to develop the next big thing, only one thing is certain – no brand can get too comfortable. 


This was the case for Magura.

With over 130 years of experience and a proven track record of creating high-quality components in a highly sporty and competitive market, standstill is not an option. It’s about leading and being bold.

Ultimate trust for ultimate impact. 

With over eight years of KISKA x Magura partnership, the components manufacturer trusted in us. After analysing their own internal reviews, we worked closely with the Magura team on how to consistently direct every brand touchpoint towards their unique selling point – their unwavering dedication to guarantee their customers the best performance for their application.  

A new brand Look & Feel.

Building on this foundation, we devised a strategy to capitalise on their strengths and raise awareness. The first step was translating their business strategy document into a clear brand promise: Performance Components. From there, we revamped their Look & Feel – defining how Magura appears, sounds, speaks, and connects with its customers. A fresh corporate design, communication campaign, streamlined future content plan, logo redesign, vibrant colour palette, and brand tonality were all part of the Magura makeover, publicly launched at EUROBIKE 2023.  

A studio of experts unites for peak output.

With Magura, we had an opportunity to showcase our IDD method – Integrated Design Development. By combining all our services into one project, we helped Magura generate rapid industry appeal. We worked together to transform and enhance the ‘big picture’ of this family-owned brand – without losing a drop of their unique flavour. Ensuring stand-out brand visibility.   

In trying times, you must invest. 

Using our method, we demonstrated our ability to create fast impact which is an essential quality in a volatile industry. By harnessing change in a risk-free manner, brands can create powerful success and pre-emptively inspire dedicated customers. Even in changing times, one thing remains constant – having a strong, sharp brand always pays off.  

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Turning opportunity into business.

What started as a brand-boost evolved into the creation of a new brand. A new logo, a new claim, a new look (in communication and product!) – and a fresh start for a motivated client.


Red Dot award-winning video.

We used 3D rendering and seamless animation for the Hyperon Ultra launch video to celebrate every detail and reveal ‘The Performance Within’.

1_HEPHA_ Logo rebranding_communication_logo_color_scheme_Landscape

‘Brand-boost’ in action.

KISKA’s communication experts ‘brand boost’ the young brand HEPHA and develop a unique visual style, photo-ready for the European market.