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HEPHA | Eye-Candy

KISKA’s communication experts ‘brand boost’ the young brand HEPHA and develop a unique visual style, photo-ready for the European market.

Featured at EUROBIKE 2023, HEPHA is an open-minded, diverse, and energetic new brand on the European market. KISKA’s communication experts aided this promising young bicycle manufacturer by doing a ‘brand-boost’ – examining their existing assets and adapting, sharpening, and reworking where needed.  

As a result, HEPHA launches into the market with a new brand colour scheme, photo-style, typography, and logo revamp. The logo is completely transformed from their flag-featuring, badge-style emblem into a recognisable, modern icon with clever use of negative space. Human faces and lifestyle shots feature heavily in their photography, paired with bright backgrounds and uplifting messaging. This colourful and clean visual boost is directly supported by their redesigned E-Bike products which emulate accessibility and quality.  

Keep an eye out. HEPHA is a brand to watch.  

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Everywater water bottle filtration prototype

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Director and CEO Syed Javed | EVERYWATER


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ANNELI EDDY | Brand Strategist

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