Ready today. Smart tomorrow. Streetlights are generators of change in cities.

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Streetlights are a universal in infrastructure, and Product Experience Designers think they have huge capcity for supporting urban technological change.

The future of streetlights isn’t lighting. 

On-track to smart city status, people who manage our urban infrastructure know this. With vast networks already in place, street lights have the capacity to deliver improved quality of life in urban environments. The trick is investing wisely now. Smart city infrastructure must serve many people and purposes for decades. Needs differ for different urban stakeholders, and smart city technology is continuously changing. Civic leaders, urban planners and architects understand the decisions they make today must serve cities and citizens far into the future.

One solution? Smart city-ready streetlights. Like the Siteco SL11.

Smart city-ready streetlights are designed for future application of technology. Antennas, sensors, cameras and wireless hubs can all be added to the minimal housing. The SL11 a worthy successor of the Siteco SL10. It’s the most successful LED streetlight in Europe. We used the intelligence gained during that technology transfer to design the SL11. Integrative, modular and toolless, it’s prepared for hardware optimisation. Now, and when need arises in the future.

With intelligent hardware in place, smart city-ready streetlights plug into many future scenarios. 

Traffic is monitored and managed. Public safety improved. Data about a range of environmental factors, like air quality and temperature, is collected. Interactive spaces that respond and adapt to conditions and interaction are created. Acting as connectivity hubs, data can be transmitted wirelessly. Streetlight to streetlight. With upwards of 60% of European streetlights a Siteco SL, the manufacturers’ potential to transition to service brands is also boosted.

Managing resources and assets efficiently, smart cities are interconnected webs of evolving data and needs. I think however, that products like the SL11 are giving cities a secure investment proposition. They’re designing opportunities to explore what urban spaces can be – and achieve for their citizens.

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