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E-mobility approved. 

Integrating user insights and product design, the MENNEKES Connector is EU standard.

Industry pioneer. 

MENNEKES now leads the industry in brand-driven design.

Get amped about EVs. 

Design and communication converts MENNEKES from a manufacturer into a brand.

With Product Experience Design and Brand Communication, KISKA converted the Mennekes charging station business from B2B to a leading consumer e-mobility brand.

This is a story about an industry veteran shaking up e-mobility.

Back in the “good old days”, when there was no industry standard for connecting cables…

…one company set out to change the game. Their pioneering work remains industry standard to this day. MENNEKES is now the leading manufacturer of industrial plugs and connectors worldwide, and continues to push the industry into new territories with high-quality products “Made in Germany”. Now they’re charging into a new world: e-mobility.

Getting amped about e-mobility

MENNEKES teamed up with KISKA to bring their expertise in standardized plugs and industrial variants to the e-mobility sector. Once again it was a pioneer. We didn’t just design a wall charger (which is totally unique in terms of ease-of-use, design and flexibility). We looked ahead with the client, giving them the tools to challenge preconceptions about e-mobility. Future electric transportation had to be accessible and intuitive – perfect for everyday use. Eventually, this concept was even given a name: “Charge Up Your Day!”

The plan worked. The MENNEKES Connector is the EU standard for all electric vehicles.

A “one size fits all” solution is never easy, but it was even trickier than usual in this case. Working shoulder to shoulder with the automotive industry and energy service providers, MENNEKES now plays a key role in e-mobility. They continue to do what they do best: pioneer, engineer and connect people to make day-to-day life easier.


Converting MENNEKES from a manufacturer to a consumer brand.

Getting from point A to B emission-free is no longer science fiction. The dawn of e-mobility is here, and us everyday people didn’t even have to consciously look for it. Once the groundwork was laid by environmentalists, experts and governments, we found that in the end we encouraged ourselves to “go green”. The e-mobility movement isn’t a different way. It’s a better way.

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