Turning a pipedream into a concept.  

KISKA Project

From a diluted market, a concept emerges as a guiding light. The High Pivot: a studio model into which we poured all our design, engineering, and strategic expertise. Made to inspire us every day.


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A dream project…

And a (seriously!) satisfying process too.

3D-printed output.

Producing a 1:1 scale show model prototype.

A ‘north star’.

We aim for this level, or above, in every project.

Let’s get inspired!

Today, everything seems so conservative: from products to future roadmaps. We wanted to add some heat and deep dive into a resurging mountain biking segment – freeride. This area of the sport is experiencing a second wind, with the Red Bull Hardline now becoming a multi-stop series and Rampage running its first ever event with female athletes. The riders have an ever-growing social media presence and are blurring the lines into other genres, such as motorcycles. The KISKA High pivot concept bike is a test to see what happens when you blend this powersports crossover with the proven race-winning pedigree of a high pivot layout…

Enter High Pivot.

Initially perceived as a niche segment, high pivot layouts have been gaining traction among enthusiasts for its ability to enhance performance in demanding terrain. With a high pivot suspension layout, the rear wheel’s backward movement ensures a smoother and more responsive ride whilst pedal kickback is handled by the idler pulley. We recognised the opportunity – and not only embraced this movement but redefined it with our own unique spin in our KISKA concept lab.

Made for riders by riders.

The design process involved meticulous experimentation and refinement, with our engineers exploring various layouts and configurations to optimise performance. By integrating the shock into the downtube, the High Pivot achieves a seamless blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetics, catering to the needs of diehard bike enthusiasts (like us!) who demand nothing short of excellence.

We live for the lifestyle we design. Find out how.  

Dream to build. 

Our workshop was the perfect playground to experiment with a high pivot design. We crafted the High Pivot to broadcast its playful nature and built-in thrills. A progressive silhouette shows the low centre of mass both physically and optically, demonstrating the bike’s nimble and roguish nature. The long fading line emphasises this dynamic – and leans deep into the fun factor.  
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Our output?

This was a true test of our capability. It demonstrated our focus, our competency, and how we’re able to facilitate technically feasible outputs in a short period of time. Designs should never just be pipedreams. And our bicycle team takes pride in developing innovative solutions grounded in the real world – considering real manufacturing processes, real sourcing data, and real user needs. 

A ‘looks like’ prototype. 

Right now, you can’t ride our model; it’s currently a 3D print showcased at our EUROBIKE booth. But the huge advantage of creating a ‘looks like’ prototype is that it allows a holistic design evaluation on a 1:1 scale prototype. No investment in tooling. No massive timescales. But physically and aesthetically correct to act as a perfect show model.  
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The power.

But this project was about more than just breaking the mould; it was about setting a new standard. We didn’t want to just create a one-off novelty. This model underpins what we at KISKA stand for – innovation, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


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