Camouflage. But make it GASGAS.

GASGAS | ECC Prototype | Eye-Candy

The GASGAS ECC prototype is here to disrupt an industry. Ideated, designed and developed completely in-house by our team, the ECC’s most exciting features are all hidden in plain sight…

Is it possible to camouflage an innovative prototype from the loudest, brightest brand in e-mountain bike history? Of course, it is. But we took it one step further than just a paintjob and basic engineering upgrades for its first race at the UCI E-Enduro World Cup. At first glance, the ECC is just a reduced, black prototype. But upon closer inspection, the precision engineering comes into full focus.

With thousands of manufacturers following the same recipe book, this fresh prototype explores an edgy side of the e-bike market. This prototype sports a sleek carbon frame, revolutionary graphic applications, and built-in downtube protection, bringing the motorcycle and bicycle industries even closer together. And this isn’t where the comparisons end…

The bold design decisions class the ECC as a challenger to the status quo. A rebel. The liberated frame is covered in loud graphics and cheeky taglines – all hidden in plain sight. Black on black. This ‘semi-camouflage’ results in an intriguing bike which dares you to look, look, and look again.

And with the true innovation still to be revealed – we can’t take our eyes off it either.

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