Designing the red line.

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140 products. One brand.

Connecting Atomic values to every product, and product line, strengthens the brand.

Double-digit growth.

In a slow-growth market, Atomic’s turnover increases year-over-year.

Future-proof product design.

Skiing has changed, but reduced design enhances recognition.

Skiing has changed.

It’s a niche sport. Purchasing is localised. Climate change affects the slopes. Market growth maxes out at three percent. Atomic however, remains a globally beloved ski manufacturer. Headquartered in the heart of Europe’s ski country, Atomic is the alpine all-star in the portfolio of Amer Sports Corporation.

To stand the test of changing times, an integrated design program united Atomic’s labels into one brand, boosting its business with double-digit growth.

To make a lasting impression, every part of Atomic’s brand DNA was carefully carved out.

Logo refinement and integration, colour development and graphic design. KISKA focussed the Atomic design language and clearly applied it to the entire ski product range: skis, boots, goggles, poles and helmets. When people buy an Atomic they know they are buying ski expertise and Redster is leading the pack.

Graphics make an impact. See how they boosted Schuberth’s business.

Redster design is as fresh as mountain air.

On the slopes where “fashion” changes fast, the Redster is minimalist and dynamic. The tri-colour scheme and precise model identification make the range’s performance capabilities distinct. The skis’ black centres highlight Atomic’s innovative “power steering” technology called Servotec. Redster skis boast race-level agility and stability, and have the straightforward design and the pro endorsements to prove it.

Turnover boosted by design.

Passion, innovation and performance. Connecting Atomic’s brand values to every design element of its 140 ski products makes it a stronger leader. With enthusiastic retail and wholesale buy-in, Atomic’s presence is strong and sales are increasing. Skiing has changed, but Atomic is making an impact with branded design.

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