A step ahead in head protection.

Schuberth | Brand Boost

Head-turning design. 

The new C4, R2, and O1 helmet designs spark desire – and sales.

Double-time production. 

The production line works overtime to deliver on increased demand.

The triple effect of a brand. 

Brand-driven product and graphic design builds rider communities.

With Graphic Design and Product Design, KISKA created a diverse helmet range with a shared visual identity that fulfils the needs of Schuberth’s target markets.

Pioneering helmets Made in Germany.

Working with pioneers is our passion and SCHUBERTH isn’t like any other. Writing helmet history since the 1950s, SCHUBERTH continues to impress customers, dealers and experts with their quality and innovative spirit. Rooted in the military and industrial safety helmet sectors, they are Germany’s largest head protection producer. With new markets to satisfy, we got the opportunity to create pioneering products with them.

Let the product showcase your brand.

Graphics are a vital communicator of a brand’s values. Graphics also define the look of a helmet. So, helmets had to be the most tangible touch point for redefining and leveraging SCHUBERTH’s brand identity. Making SCHUBERTH visible on the road was the first step to get their helmets in, and on, everyone’s heads.

The future of SCHUBERTH helmets is simple, yet bold. Taking a step back from overcrowded graphics, the design style suits the brand image, unites the entire range and makes SCHUBERTH identifiable at street level.

Graphics and products belong together.

We shaped SCHUBERTH‘s helmets holistically, by integrating the work of product managers, product designers and graphic designers. With design, we created a diverse helmet line-up that shared common traits, while also fulfilling the unique needs of different riders. With graphics, we gave riders the design cues they need to signify their belonging to a particular “tribe”.

“We’re proud to work with KISKA on our path into the future. We value the tight partnership, as well as the success and positive impact it’s made on the market.”

| Jan Christian Becker | SCHUBERTH CEO

From brand positioning to prototyping, we are strategic and hands-on.

We began with an analysis of SCHUBERTH’s core values, reviewing their whole line-up and planning future products and visuals for their new market direction. From there, we executed the entire design process, from ideation to in-house prototyping.

All of this led to SCHUBERTH’s new flip-up helmet: the C4. The R2 followed soon after and both debuted at the 2016 INTERMOT.

Better together.

Integration of SCHUBERTH’s brand and design at the tactical level has created a simple and bold line of performance helmets. It sets riders apart, and has also set out SCHUBERTH’s future path. The brand’s production had to work double shifts to deliver on the increased demand in 2017.

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