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“The Kästle project is really the sweet spot between hobby and professional life.”

Born in a small alpine village, the mountains are in Thomas Rothauer’s blood. An avid and skilled skier, he is also a Client Director at KISKA. He consults the likes of Atomic, Elan, adidas, Alpina, and Intersport on how they can grow and transform their business with brand and design.

“I like to communicate. I love to be among other people. And then you get the chance to bring all your knowledge, all your expertise into a project.”

In some cases, Thomas oversees the creation of completely new brands. In others, he helps business leaders revitalise brands. 

Like Kästle.

An Austrian ski brand, KISKA provided strategic consultation to return Kästle to their peak. First, a differentiating position amongst competitor brands was defined. Then, a clean and graphical look and feel for the brand was designed to boost Kästle’s visibility on the slopes and set a roadmap for future design.

The fact that Thomas is helping produce products he can use, well, it’s icing on the cake: “That’s what we all aim for.”


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