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An exciting new large-displacement motorcycle line, born from 360° brand and design innovation. Meet X-Wedge!


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All-new brand and product portfolio from the ground up.

Full family of new luxury motorcycles, including a trike, sidecar, and dual front-wheeled sports cruiser.

From a potent engine to a powerful brand.

Exploring new segments and re-imagining the call of the road. 

Two wheels or three.

Geared for a new market, with an impressive new product line.

What is X-WEDGE?

X-WEDGE is a brand-new range of American-style large-displacement street motorcycles. Designed and developed by KISKA for HISUN Motors, it was an ambitious and unique project. The name is taken from the patented engine’s unique X configuration, giving all the new models the same distinct roaring engine note.

An American Classic re-imagined

Born in Wisconsin USA, the esteemed X-WEDGE V-Twin engine was originally built as an after-market component to serve American large-displacement motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a premium power upgrade for their trusty steeds. But the exceptional quality and popularity of X-WEDGE seemed destined for more than simply being a bolt-on aftermarket brand. So, HISUN Motors, a powersports manufacturer from Chongqing China, approached KISKA to investigate the feasibility of re-imagining the American large-displacement street Cruiser.

Time to revive the dream!

At some stage, we’ve all dreamt of straddling a big V-Twin motorcycle and roaring off triumphantly down the open road. KISKA was tasked with making this universal dream a tangible reality for an entirely new generation of riders. Starting with the proven V-Twin American cruiser archetype as the base, which was all anchored by the legendary X-WEDGE motor. The ‘X’ in the name is reflected in the contours and gestures within the design language. All elements of the design were crafted for an exhilarating riding experience, with special effort made to increase accessibility and appeal.

How do you sell rebellion to the new generation?

Pop culture and cinema have shaped a bold cult image around riding a large-displacement American street motorcycle. It has a dark, rebellious and heavily masculine aura. Our challenge was to translate that timeless notion of freedom on the open road into something more desirable for a progressive new generation. Creating an aspirational premium performance experience that they could relate to. 

That’s where we put the full KISKA force to work. Extensive research produced insights gained from thorough customer interviews and detailed competitor testing. It was a solid springboard for our product and brand experts to develop further into a clear brand strategy and unique range of product concepts. This shaped a clear personality for our design and communication teams to bring to life. Giving the pulsating X-WEDGE heart a modern body, face, soul, and voice.   

Join the ride.

The KISKA and HISUN Motors collaboration gave birth to a striking line of new vehicles. All with the X-WEDGE engine, sharing one distinct new look, badge, colour scheme and styling. Five luxury V-twin motorcycles: two traditional 2-wheelers, plus one side car model, a trike, and a sporty street cruiser. This last model’s two wheels up front and one in the rear, give new riders the sensation of being close to the road, with the wind in their face. It is designed to feel like you’re flying above the road surface!

This raw and simple emotional sense of exhilaration and freedom is what the designers focused on and hoped to amplify with their designs. High-quality materials are elegantly arranged to add some refinement to what is normally seen as a dark and sinister product category. From the distinct X “eyes” greeting you up front, to the premium subframe connecting to the fuel tank in the middle, and a monster exhaust making a proud and unmistakeable statement, to finish it all off in the rear.

A modern fusion.

The X-WEDGE portfolio represents the intersection of classic and modern. Traditional large-capacity V-twin segment design elements merged with daring concepts, to reflect modern user needs and trends. The result is an unforgettable new brand experience. Using the heart of the brand – the engine itself – as inspiration, our communication experts developed a logo and brand guideline to strengthen X-WEDGE’s sparkling new product portfolio. By rooting our communication strategy in a strong core, we were able to craft a firm brand Look & Feel at the collision point of ultra-luxury and proud performance.  

Key takeaways.

From one iconic engine and name, KISKA was able to create a powerful new brand, complete with a diverse product portfolio and sound strategic baseline. Bringing something refreshingly new to market, X-WEDGE is poised to make an impact with classic large-displacement America V-twin fans and modern audiences alike. Next stop CIMAMotor 2023, and then….. wherever the heck you choose to ride to, as products hit the market in 2024! 

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