Global brand. Chinese heart.


Attracting all-new riders.

Building a new segment, CFMOTO aims for a top market spot.

360° brand overhaul.

KISKA creates a unique CFMOTO brand experience. Online and offline.

Locally inspired. Global appeal.

Research taps into the universal need for community – enhancing global appeal.

Chinese manufacturers are building brands with global appeal.

CFMOTO is no exception. Their recreational vehicles are sold in 70 countries. The future is equally ambitious. By building a new lifestyle segment, CFMOTO will be one of the world’s top powersports brands. A CFMOTO brand experience was created with product design, communication design and research.

The aim: build a global brand for all markets, with distinctly a Chinese heart.

“Regardless of the place or the product, CFMOTO has one heart.”

Mr. Lai Minjie I CFMOTO President

CFMOTO’s passion is community.

A family company with inclusive style, CFMOTO is rooted in a collective culture. They are driven by fostering close-knit communities with power products. Such authenticity is brand DNA gold. Mining its potential, KISKA built CFMOTO’s brand identity. Every element vital to the structure of a holistic experience.

Approachable, positive, exciting and enjoyable, the identity directly informs the core values. CFMOTO is “Determined, Progressive and More Fun”. Locally derived, but globally appealing, CFMOTO is for exploring the world with friends and family. The claim lives up to the identity: “Experience More Together”.

Community is common ground.

Global user research connects CFMOTO to communities. Insights are gained with interpersonal fieldwork. Consumer and expert interviews, dealer visits, ethnographic observation and, of course, riding. The backwoods of Northern California reveal that it’s not drive that motivates Baby Boomers to off-road in an SSV. It’s the after-party! In China’s megacities, groups of young city dwellers are found rediscovering the Chinese countryside – and forming bonds.

It’s clear: the desire for a tribe is universal.

Building brand. Building belief.

What does “Experience More Together” mean across a brand experience? Brand prototyping generated three brand scenarios for CFMOTO to explore. Multi-channel and across every touchpoint, the final brand experience delivers on CFMOTO’s DNA. From strategy to video style, product design to apparel, CFMOTO is dynamic, accessible, lively and communal.

The CFMOTO ecosystem is growing, and in it you see a brand created in China.

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