Light, rugged, and inviting.

CFMOTO | 450MT | Brand Boost | Eye-Candy

The brand-defining 800MT has a sharp new sibling… 


With the new CFMOTO 450MT, our core objective was to expand and complete the MT range. Following the success of the 800MT and its market impact; we set our sights on creating this new 450cc machine. It seamlessly combines a fresh, floating design with cutting-edge technology. Meticulous attention to every intricate detail served as our north star when creating this lightweight addition to the MT range. With design cues channelling the essence of the 800MT in a more compact model, it’s a response to an increasing demand from riders in new markets to access the renowned offroad touring domain.


Several important details highlight the MT’s design evolution. We reoriented the headlight from a horizontal to vertical plane for a dynamic and commanding impression. We redesigned the side spoiler, giving it a distinctly upright gesture and protective stance typical of offroad machines. The features, components, and accessory collections were carefully crafted to support the robust (yet lightweight) aesthetic – reflecting our commitment to durability and agility.  

The result? A fully loaded powerhouse that’s eager to explore.  

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