An innovatory, intelligent e-Cargo bike.  

TARRAN | Design On Brand

One startup breaks all the rules with the T1 Pro: a smart-tech innovatory e-Cargo bike. Our tailored design support empowered TARRAN to secure a launch at the largest bike expo in the world – EUROBIKE 2024.


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Cross-cultural expertise.

Salzburg. Munich. Shanghai. Three studios united under one goal – to bring a startup to market.

Tailored business support.

A European perspective for a European application. Providing real value to users.

Co-creation of a powerful product.

On-brand design language with a signature side silhouette. Inviting and enjoyable.

A brand for the modern family.

In a crowded market, young brand TARRAN stands out. This startup encourages joyful family moments, powered by new developments, artificial intelligence, and green energy. Although the founders aren’t known for e-Cargo bikes, they have a combined background in drones, cameras, and tech. And they’ve energised this knowledge with their own dedicated family values.

“We wanted to create more than a vehicle. We wanted to create something which lets people feel free and that they love to use”

| Ben Kwok (Founder)

A startup with a dream.

TARRAN sees the industry switch from mechanical to electronic – and raises the bar. The team wanted to create a product which enables families to feel free and flexible, safe and happy with the aid of smart tech – an e-Cargo bike with proprietary tech to solve old challenges in new ways.

“We believe in true connections between people and surroundings. TARRAN is the enabler for people to have magical moments with their families”

| Freda Lu (Co-Founder) 

A launchpad for success.

They came with this brilliant idea. But needed KISKA’s know-how to accelerate the product to market. That’s where our history in the two-wheel industry came into play. With our extensive professional and personal experience, we ran an in-depth engineering consultancy workshop. We evaluated their CAD packages – to probe exciting potentials and predict avoidable risks. Then, we committed to creating a vehicle that’s serves a clear purpose.

Gaining traction in a crowded industry.

The TARRAN T1 Pro is an ultra-adaptable modern solution – a versatile, clean, and inviting cargo solution for young families. With a combination of smart software and hardware, the T1 Pro features proprietary Dynamic Dualdrive™ landing gear; small stabilising wheels which automatically deploy at start and stop. This ensures even when fully loaded with up to three children, the e-Cargo bike cannot tip over.  

Smart riding experience.

A 5.2” retina touchscreen with a smart TarranOS™ System enables total control, conveniently connecting with smartphones for navigation, security, and lighting management. Additionally, sleek embedded cameras paired with the TARRAN™ app offers real-time alerts for approaching obstacles, enhancing safety and convenience – even when the rider’s view is blocked.

“The only way you can relax is when you have less to do. The T1 Pro aims to make the most technically difficult parts of using an e-Cargo bike, parking and starting, effortless and approachable”

| Avery Zhao (Co-Founder)

Elevating user experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the rapidly evolving car industry, the TARRAN x KISKA team created a product which compounded several futuristic innovations into a single, cohesive solution. When parked, it supports you. When lost, it guides you back to it. When turning, it alerts you to danger. But although the T1 Pro excels at integrating technical innovation, it’s the intuitive usage which is the true standout.  

Built to connect. 

To compliment the EUROBIKE 2024 reveal, our communication experts crafted a compelling launch video for the T1 Pro. Filmed across our Salzburg and Shanghai locations, the video dives into our world of research and design, taking viewers through every step of the process and showcasing the T1 Pro’s tech features. Every aspect of production – from scripting and filming to sound design and editing – was expertly handled by our team.

“TARRAN believes in local perspectives. That’s why our partnership with European agency KISKA was so useful, giving us their firsthand experience as a key player in the bicycle and motorcycle industry”

| Ben Kwok (Founder)

Making dreams real.

At KISKA, we excel in productive collaborations with startups, helping companies like TARRAN hit the market and reach pivotal milestones. Our 34 years of industry experience allow us to provide unique insights, packaging our expertise into eye-level strategy reports or product roadmaps. We’re committed to transforming visions into tangible products your users will love. It’s what drives us. And what we’ll continue to do every single day.  

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