Unapologetically sharp design.

KTM | 990 DUKE | Brand Boost | Eye-Candy

Together with KTM, we created the latest addition to the KTM DUKE lineup with a new look and entirely new technology. Meet ‘THE SNIPER’.  


The KTM 990 DUKE is back, and better than ever. The same radical attitude matched with new technical developments brings this agile powerhouse into the modern age. Available in a distinct colourway, the 990 DUKE sports the new generation of polarising and unapologetically intimidating lightmask. Beneath the hyper-aggressive bodywork and redesigned fairings is a brand-new frame, engine, and exhaust system – solidifying the 990 DUKE as a highlight of the KTM product portfolio this year.

Precision, agility, power. A triad of pure performance.   

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Side view of front of KTM 790 Duke prototype

Crafting the KTM 790 DUKE prototype.

What does it take to design a motorcycle? Real people. Who have the strategic vision and hands-on talent to bring a bike – and it’s entire brand ecosystem – to life. 

KISKA Interaction designer designing the KTM 1290 Super Adventure dashboard design in landscape crop

UX Design proven at 260 km/h.

Instantly comprehensible. Intuitively controlled. Cognitively loud. The 2021 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE cockpit is UX Design proven at 260 km/h and 10,000 rpm. 

Gil Deltreul Gervais sketching the KTM RC 8c in landscape crop

Life as a 2-wheel Transportation Designer.

“Every day is an opportunity to achieve the freshest design possible at every stage of a project.”

GIL DELTRUEL-GERVAIS | Senior Transportation Designer, Two-Wheel