Robust and rambunctious.

CFMOTO | Z10 side-by-side vehicle | Eye-Candy

CFMOTO wants people to Experience More Together. You can in the Z10 SSV, which blends interior and exterior for a communal experience.

CFMOTO is rooted in community. Before designing the Z10 side-by-side vehicle, KISKA research specialists went to the backwoods of Northern California for off-roading insights. Here they found it’s not the drive that motivates Boomers to zoom around in an SSV. It’s the after party!

Satisfying this lively and communal audience, transportation designers created a dynamic whip that blends the interior with its exterior for seamless interaction amongst users.

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Evolving CFMOTO from a Chinese to global brand.

Integrating brand consulting, transportation design, and communication design services, KISKA gives CFMOTO a global brand strategy, identity and transportation design language.

1_CFMOTO 250SR CGI designed by KISKA_Landscape

CFMOTO “Play to Win” campaign

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