“Fuelling” the electric future.

Volta Charging Station | Eye Candy

Volta’s next-gen charging station is powering electric vehicles with ads, and upending business models.

With its next-gen charging station, Volta is elevating electric charging into an award-winning branded experience. To achieve this, KISKA product experience designers combined dynamic forms and signature details like lighting to create an intuitive experience that is distinctly “Volta”.

Powered by advertising, the Volta network is also upending standard business models; “fuelling” the movement for an electric future.

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Mennekes AMTRON home charging station

Converting Mennekes into an e-mobility brand.

With product experience design and communication design, KISKA converts Mennekes from a B2B business into a consumer e-mobility brand. Now, Mennekes electric vehicle charging products are industry standard.

Side view of Steco SL11 streetlight design and reflection on windows of KISKA headquarters

Lighting isn’t the future of streetlights.

Streetlights are a universal feature of urban infrastructure. They also have a huge capacity to drive change.

Sebastien with future mobility scooter prototype

Stop demanding cars do everything.

Want to master the future of mobility? Stop thinking that cars alone are the solution. From governments to drivers, Managing Partner Sébastien Stassin says we can no longer invest everything into cars, and expect everything from them. Instead, the future of mobility is a range of services that target specifc needs.

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