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Husqvarna | Skutta | Eye-Candy

An idea evolves into a marketable, future-thinking mobility product with pioneering engineering and contemporary design. And was internationally recognised by winning a Red Dot Award in 2024.

Dynamic, durable, and strikingly aesthetic, the Skutta is Husqvarna’s pioneering entry into e-mobility markets. Our engineers constructed the Skutta to endure the toughest tests city living can bring, with an aluminium frame and reliable dual drum brakes for peak longevity. With a patented, flat-folding mechanism around the front axle and a removable battery, the Skutta was born for effortless urban mobility – from that last mile to hopping on public transport. Plus, it was 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured here in Europe.  

In addition to the design and engineering, our communication team conducted an extensive, on-location video shoot in Oslo to create ultra-modern marketing material. Then, our performance marketing team took over an ensured this translated to in-feed adverts, banners, and organic search ads.

The Husqvarna Skutta was awarded the 2024 Red Dot Award:

Product Design for its outstanding build quality and innovative design.



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