‘Best of the Best’ luxury design. 

SUNBEAM | 32.1 Sailing Yacht | Eye-Candy

Get ready for good times. The SUNBEAM 32.1 Sailing Yacht is redefining life on the water with a category-defying marine design driven by fun.

Category-defying design.

Modern, sporty, and dynamic, the 32.1 slices through waves at high speed. But it’s also at-home anchored on calm waters. With its innovative appearance paired with easy-to-handle performance, the weekend-sailer is designed for good living on the water.

Yacht life doesn’t just happen on-deck though. Friendly, bright, and loft-like, the 32.1’s interior design is open concept and inspired by modern architecture. And, with their exaggerated proportions, the hull windows delight passengers by boosting viewing area. Reducing the barrier between inside and outside, the feeling of sailing is maintained below deck. All in all, a “clean break” from traditional standards.

Meeting new expectations.

According to project lead Gerhard Wipplinger, “Life on a boat isn’t just about sailing,” so every square metre of the 32.1 is maxxed out for recreation. Like the single-cockpit. Its retractable bathing platform elongates the yacht, generating continuous area for everyone to enjoy. Also, the 32.1 “flight deck”. In addition to being the yacht’s most striking feature, the deck in the bow area is wider than the hull. It is the ultimate space for sunbathers and the skipper to experience sailing together.

The expectations of sailing and life on the water are changing. Combining cutting-edge forms with a day-sailer vibe the 32.1 appeals to a new kind of crew who want solid performance to get them to a point where they can chill-in-place. And style. 

Known for traditional yachts, SUNBEAM project leads defined early on that the 32.1 would be in-tune with new markets. The a-typical approach didn’t stop at design. Pre-release viewings were virtual, and the 32.1 sold out before launch.

Red Dot Design Award 2022 

The 32.1 is also making waves in the design world. In 2022 it is a Red Dot Product Design Award winner: Best of the Best. This is the highest award in the competition, recognising the best product in the category. 

BIG SEE Product Design Award 2021

The BIG SEE Awards explore and promote the creative and business potential of southeast Europe. The SUNBEAM 32.1 is a Product Design Winner in the Mobility category, as well as a Grand Prix winner.

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