Be the protagonist.  

Elgato | Wave DX | Eye-Candy

Our latest addition to Elgato’s portfolio focuses on what’s most important – user-centric design.

Aimed at creators who desire crisp audio quality and sleek design excellence, the Elgato:Wave DX is a head-turner – on or off-camera. At first glance, a simple but beautiful front-address microphone. Upon closer inspection, a deeply intuitive and highly durable product with each detail optimised to ensure the user is the protagonist of every story.  

The Elgato:Wave DX empowers gamers to fully immerse themselves in the virtual space. It allows streamers to capture the moment by prioritising ease-of-use and quick set-up. And for voice actors, it’s an indispensable tool that ensures every word is recorded with precision and full emotional depth.

For the Elgato:Wave DX, sound isn’t just a medium. It’s an art form.

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1_Lewitt Elgato Wave 3 microphone designed by KISKA_front logo_Landscape

Made for content creators.

Plug and play, the Red Dot award winning Elgato Wave:3 Microphone product design elevates amateur content creators into professionals.


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KISKA Product Experience Designers, Aurore Firtion and Manuel Zepic working on Volta e-moblity charging station in landscape crop

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