Establishing a future paradigm.

Audi | E-Bike | Eye-Candy

The Audi E-Bike sets the bar for design innovation in the e-bike class, and establishes a new future paradigm for future mobility.

Facing an industry in flux, designers explored ways an established automotive brand expands into new products and target markets. The brief: go beyond the car.

Integrating performance tech into a carbon-fibre frame with high rigidity, the Audi E-Bike is an ultra-agile and powerful ride. As relevant today as it was upon release, its presence poses a big question: where’s the market going to be in a decade?

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4_Husqvarna_e-bicycles_MC6 designed_by_KISKA_side_view_pill_detail_Landscape

Husqvarna E-Bicycles Mountain Cross MC6

All new. All mountain. The Husqvarna E-Bicycles Mountain Cross MC6 fulfils the brand’s “For Pioneers” promise and is its blueprint for the future. 


KISKA CrossTalks: Where are we riding to?

The e-bike industry is at a crossroads. You can feel the change. From the trails to the boardroom, the paradigm shift is made clear when you’re immersed in the lifestyle.

Sebastien with future mobility scooter prototype

Stop demanding cars do everything.

Want to master the future of mobility? Stop thinking that cars alone are the solution. From governments to drivers, Managing Partner Sébastien Stassin says we can no longer invest everything into cars, and expect everything from them. Instead, the future of mobility is a range of services that target specifc needs.

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