Heritage brand. National icon. Electric future.

Chetak | Brand Boost

Local comeback. Global potential.

Chetak’s new branding design fires up interest in India, and globally.

360° brand relaunch.

An integrated brand taskforce creates a sharp brand strategy and bold identity.

Ten-year partnership.

With support of its brand ally, Bajaj boldly takes on a new mobility segment.

Integrating Research, Brand Strategy, and Brand Communication, KISKA relaunched iconic scooter brand Chetak into India’s e-mobility leader.

Relaunching Chetak. The brand that put India on wheels.

In India, Chetak is a cultural icon. And it fundamentally changed how people get from point A to B in the twentieth century. And now, the twenty-first. When the time came for Bajaj to expand its business into electric mobility, they opted to relaunch Chetak. A sound business decision with promises of kick-starting another new era of mobility in India.

There was only one chance to get it right. 

Relaunching Chetak as the “face” of electric mobility in India demands balancing two themes: heritage and future. Only a trusted creative agency will do for such a challenge of brand management. Bajaj called on their 10-year strategic branding design partner KISKA. Looping in a range of creative talent and services, KISKA delivered a sharp brand strategy and bold brand identity for Chetak.

Speaking to the hearts of Indians in a contemporary way, Chetak established itself as a leader in the country’s electric future. Reigniting passion for the brand in the process.

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Unlocking future potential.

Putting our Consumer Insights Experts, Brand Strategists and Communication Designers in Bajaj HQ and Indian homes, we uncovered the emotional connection people have to the brand Chetak. We confronted Design, R&D, Marketing, and Board at Bajaj with the tough questions. Like, “Why will electric solve your business challenges?” and “What do you think is the product’s real potential?”. We listened to heartwarming personal stories during customer interviews and focus groups. Interesting discoveries unlocked Chetak’s future brand capacity. First, everyone has a Chetak story, so the relaunched brand must tap into its historic cultural capital. Also, Indian social norms impact how people express themselves with products. For Chetak to tap into belonging, it must be approachable for everyone and usable by all. From product to brand

Brave brand strategy.

“How to we give a heritage brand an electric future?” Our Consumer Insights, Brand Consulting, and Communication Design teams asked each other this question daily. Working shoulder-to-shoulder on research analysis and brand ideation, they established Chetak’s optimal positioning as a brand entirely separate from its parent company Bajaj. Chetak would also place equal focus on its heritage and the future to differentiate in the landscape of scooter start-ups. Product-driven communication blended with sophisticated storytelling would speak to general audiences and those looking for a closer brand connection.

It’s a bold approach. For the forward-thinking Bajaj leaders however, it’s a strategy that realises their vision: position Chetak as India’s e-mobility leader.

Reigniting the “Chetak effect”.

The Chetak relaunch deserves a look and feel that’s nothing less than electrifying. Only then, can the brand capture the energy of the original “Chetak effect” from 40 years ago. Communication Designers created a vivid and powerful brand identity with every touchpoint focussed on the e-scooter. From hot close-up shots in advertisements and the app, to interactive experiences at the flagship store, it’s a product-driven approach familiar to national audiences.

Logo design concepts, brilliant shades of magenta and turquoise, and bold typography also rise above India’s crowded media landscape. Practically shouting Chetak’s optimistic and forward-thinking messages to the world.

It’s a pure approach to brand strategy and identity, but every detail reflects what’s necessary for longterm success. With everything in place, Chetak is relaunched and prepared for its future. 

Now, the brand takes over. So far, to a resoundingly positive reception.

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