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USWE FLOW 16 Protector and RAW 3 Hydration Backpacks | Eye Candy

By making USWE Backpacks clear about their key innovation, KISKA boosted the brand’s visibility and helped expand their business.

Nothing ruins a solid offroad session like a bouncy backpack. Action backpack brand USWE solves the problem with its patented and award-winning NDM harness. Short for “No Dancing Monkey,” the technology uses an elastic four-point strap to create a snug fit without affecting comfort or movement. Perfect for no-limits rides and runs, NDM is a core factor of USWE’s USP.

Just one issue, though: NDM was invisible.

USWE came to KISKA with big plans: portfolio shakeup, and market expansion beyond pro athletes. Our first task: design the new FLOW 16 Protector and RAW 3 Hydration Backpacks.

Agreeing NDM was too cool to hide, the way forward for KISKA was clear: brand the innovation by enhancing visibility. Defying standard practice, designers worked on the products from front to back; conceptualising, building, testing, and rebuilding prototypes in close collaboration with the client. The result: a buckle in transparent housing – innovation on full-display – seamlessly integrated into the X-shaped NDM harness.

With its USP now visible, USWE is more recognisable on the trail by everyday sports enthusiasts, and prepped for its future as a public company and leading sports brand.

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