KISKA CrossTalks reveals the impact of partnerships in fast-changing times.

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The speed and complexity of change require partnerships.

Disruption in business is becoming commonplace. Market complexity and the intense speed of tech iteration and advancement require agility, business model innovation, and a growing set of competencies. The adidas- led Sport Infinity Program focuses on infinite recyclability of sporting goods- this goes beyond product innovation into process innovation.

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Together, you can achieve more.

Partnerships provide agile solutions- enabling companies to leverage competencies they don´t have in-house. Performance and on-demand economies are driven by consumers who expect branded eco-systems of services, products, and experiences. The most successful companies will make a shift from transactional to relational in order to meet this demand. This shift will require new ways of engaging consumers at every touchpoint.

adidas -led Sport Infinity research project focuses on custom, recyclable, zero waste sporting goods.

Every gram of sportswear will be broken down and remoulded again in a waste- free, adhesive- free process that gives consumers more scope for personalization than ever before. The EU funded design- driven innovation consortium is comprised of 10 cross- industry partners. These partners represent expertise across the value chain from design to material development, production, marketing and distribution and across multiple disciplines of industrial design, material science, recycling and industrial processes.

Disruption is inevitable.

Competitors are harder to pinpoint, start-ups are launching at unprecedented numbers, consumer expectations are growing and digital tools are changing what’s possible. Cross- industry partnerships can help companies uncover blind spots and build in the flexibility needed to make change more seamless.

KISKA CrossTalks is a platform for unfiltered cross- industry discussions that address the speed and impact of change on brands and business.

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