You don’t have to be Austrian to party like one.

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There is always something brewing at KISKA Salzburg. Like our very own Oktoberfest.

There’s always something brewing at KISKA.

Ideas, brands, beer and good times. This time it was our very own Oktoberfest. Equipped with Brezeln and local beer, Lederhosen and Drindls, we threw a proper harvest fest. Taken right out of the Alps. What better excuse for locals and out-of-towners alike to have some Austrian-style good times?

By the time Willi, our project coordination manager, started rocking out with his accordion, the Fest was in full swing. So, let’s raise a Stein and say “Prost!” to life at KISKA.

Check out life at KISKA.

Our team of 250 is international and dynamic. Bursting with creativity, we like to live out our passions and seek new experiences. Whether in our studios, or KISKA’s unique surroundings. Find out how we live, work, and play.

KISKA graphic designer, desktop publisher and product designer apply labels to KISKA-brewed beer

Brewing up craft beer and good times.

At KISKA there is a lot more brewing than brand and design after work. 

Krampus at KISKA

Kicking off the holidays, Krampus-style.

You can run, but you cannot hide from Krampus. Watch his crew throw KISKA an intense pyrotechnic show. 

Wuux sanding the KISKA surf board in landscape crop

Surf’s up in Salzburg.

Surf vibes are strong at KISKA, so we designed and made our own studio surfboards. 

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