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It takes more than brand and design to create a distinct agency culture. Beer brewing is just one activity bringing our global team together in Salzburg.

There’s so much more brewing here than beer

Seated in the heart of the Austrian Alps, KISKA’s Salzburg headquarters is surrounded by more than mountains. We’re also steeped in Austria’s legendary beer culture (we even had a hand in designing the glasses for Salzburg’s 525-year old brewery Stiegl). So it makes sense that eventually some of us were going to get together and start crafting a KISKA brew.

“It’s classic KISKA: we used a hobby as a way to investigate why we work the way we do and think about what we learned from this project that we can take back to our clients.”

Open in floor plan and mind, our studio is a breeding ground for big ideas and passion projects. So, when Christian and Klaus (lead designer and design director respectively), had the idea to make an India Pale Ale afterhours it did not take long for beer nerds from across the studio to get involved.

Soon enough there was a multi-talented taskforce working on everything from beer brand research to label design. Complex but smooth, with a bold final product could explain both the IPA – and the project itself. KISKA’s partner team certainly enjoyed their first taste and there’s already plenty of interest in the next round of studio brewing.

Check out life at KISKA.

Our team of 250 is international and dynamic. Bursting with creativity, we like to live out our passions and seek new experiences. Whether in our studios, or KISKA’s unique surroundings. Find out how we live, work, and play.

KISKA Oktoberfest after-work party with Mount Untersberg in the background

Brewing up good times during Oktoberfest.

You don’t have to be Austrian to party like one. KISKA does Oktoberfest. 

Krampus at KISKA

Kicking off the holidays, Krampus-style.

You can run, but you cannot hide from Krampus. Watch his crew throw KISKA an intense pyrotechnic show. 

KISKA connected products and services lead hikes to top of mountain in the Austrian alps before work

Day in the life of Mel.

Follow a day in the life of Connected Products and Services Manager Mel Cheng, who proves right brain and left brain can co-exist.

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