A rebranding sets a brand up for success.

HEPHA | Brand Boost

KISKA’s experts boost the young brand HEPHA and develop a unique corporate style, photo-ready for the European market. And apply it to everything, from products to adverts.


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Strategic sparring partner.

To power HEPHA’s entry into European markets.

Ahead of the curve.

Modernising a brand for today’s riders.

Award-winning e-bike design.

A German Brand Award winner in 2023.

Who is HEPHA?

Established in 2021 in Germany, HEPHA bursts onto the scene as a vibrant, forward-thinking e-bike brand. We collaborated closely with this innovative newcomer, conducting a thorough ‘brand-boost’ to fine-tune their market presence, product line-up, and corporate assets. Our mission? Propel this rising star into the European market and serve as a strategic ally, sparking eye-level business strategy discussions.

Reworking. Rebranding. Reigniting.

Our experts took a deep dive into HEPHA’s branding. We dissected its existing corporate design. Traditional, grey, and masculine, it blended into the market standard rather than standing out. To truly make HEPHA shine in today’s dynamic landscape (and maximum market appeal!), we knew we had to inject it with a burst of creativity…


Entering a new market. With confidence.

Featured at EUROBIKE 2023, HEPHA made a head-turning debut sporting a revamped corporate design. A unique combination of HEPHA’s independently developed drive system and KISKA’s visual design input propelled the brand to new heights – and generated massive footfall at their booth.

Design excellence.

Our experts injected HEPHA bikes with a burst of fresh design, displaying dynamic lines which amplify the e-bikes’ visual balance and fluidity. Modern graphics and on-trend colour schemes hit the sweet spot between boldness and understatement, communicating HEPHA’s dedication to inclusivity, quality, and approachability. 

Clean visual boost.

We completely transformed the logo is from a flag-featuring, badge-style emblem into a recognisable, modern icon with clever use of negative space. Human faces and lifestyle shots feature heavily in their photography, paired with bright backgrounds and uplifting messaging. All in line with their brand outlook.


Powerful results.

The HEPHA Trekking 7 won two major awards in 2023. Firstly, it was awarded a Red Dot for its “flowing use of forms and elegant design” which results in reliable riding pleasure. It also secured the win at the German Brand Awards: Design & Innovation 2023. Recognised by the international jury, the e-trekking bike was declared a winner in the ‘Excellent Product Design’ category.


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