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Husqvarna Motorcycles | Svartpilen 801 | Brand Boost | Eye-Candy

The 2024 Svartpilen 801 from Husqvarna Motorcycles stands tall, boldly marking its place as their highest capacity Svartpilen model ever. Designed new from top to tail, it radiates rugged expression and premium construction.

Those familiar with the smaller capacity Svartpilens may notice a deliberate evolution of the well-known design language. The tone-on-tone body, in perfect harmony with brushed aluminium covers, ensures the Svartpilen 801 stands out against other street bikes. Balanced between sophisticated style and innate practical nature, this middleweight features a relaxed riding position, tall fly-screen, and upright graphics.

The Svartpilen 801 stands proudly in its own space. An easy-to-use, infinitely smooth twin cylinder positioned strategically in the market for flexible daily use.

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