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Husqvarna Bicycles | Hard Cross 9 | Eye-Candy

By exposing its motor, Transportation Designers showed off the high performance structure of Husqvarna E-Bicycles Hard Cross 9 e-bike.

Husqvarna was the first to slap a motor on a bike. They’re at it again with the Hard Cross 9. This time, with a hardcore twist: showing off the e-bike’s good bones with a skeleton interface.

Going against the standard set-up hasn’t affected its traction though. It’s a Design & Innovation Award winner.

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Transforming MAGURA, an engineer, into a brand.

Integrating product experience design and communication design, KISKA translates MAGURA’s bicycle engineer expertise into a profitable and award-winning brand. 

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Audi E-Bike

Since its reveal in 2012, the Audi E-Bike has set the bar for design innovation in the e-bike class.

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Giving back and building future talent.

Donating a 3D-scanner to HTL St. Pölten opened up opportunities for students in digital modelling, engineering, and design to develop vital skills.

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