The award-winning Frauscher 1414 Demon takes automotive aesthetics from road to water.

Frauscher 1414 Demon | Eye Candy

The Frauscher 1414 Demon stands out on the water.

Blending futuristic design details, classic elements of yacht construction, and automotive aesthetics, the 1414 Demon honours Frauscher’s heritage while visualising the brand’s vision of performance.

The yacht interior especially marks it as a vessel exploring new territory. Laid out diagonally, it is open and luxurious, giving the impression of walking into a room that gets wider the further you move in.

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8_Sunbeam 32.1 designed by KISKA_eyecandy_sailing_Landscape

SUNBEAM 32.1 Sailing Yacht

The expectations of sailing and life on the water are changing. Combining cutting-edge forms with a day-sailer vibe the 32.1 appeals to a new kind of crew.

Front three quarter view of Vision Future Sailing render - a KISKA speculative design project

Vision of future sailing.

The world of sailing focusses on either performance or luxury. Rarely both. Vision Future Sailing however, brings the two together to create a unique catamaran concept.

Wuux sanding the KISKA surf board in landscape crop

Surf’s up in Salzburg.

Surf vibes are strong at KISKA, so we designed and made our own studio surfboards.