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adidas | Second Skin Concept | Eye Candy

adidas’ 66-gram lightweight shoe concept kicked off an eight-year partnership of branded design innovation with KISKA.

The 66-gram shoe is a far-out goal. Like the footwear equivalent of putting humans on Mars: doable, but never been done. With it, adidas and KISKA kicked off an eight-year partnership of branded design innovation. The goal: make innovation desirable with marketable design. 

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UI design concept for adidas Sport Infinity online shoe configurator

Innovation partnership evolves adidas’ brand.

With a long term innovation partnership,, KISKA explores zero-waste sporting goods, mass-customisation, and the future of footwear. Ultimately building up the brand’s future market potential. 

Customised running shoe developed with parametric design

Parametric Design tunes the rules of possibility.

The limits of engineering, manufacturing, and tooling have never stopped clients from asking KISKA to do the “impossible”. With Parametric Design, we’ve got a better enabler than ever.


Skills United. Designing sporting goods for a new era.

Lead Product Experience Designer Stephan Lintner believes future sporting goods’ performance depends on cutting-edge design, uniting skills, and sharing cross-industry know-how.

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