Giving back and building future talent.

Maximilian Klaus and Rainer Trummer | University Collaboration

Donating a 3D-scanner to HTL St. Pölten opened up opportunities for students in digital modelling, engineering, and design to develop vital skills.

Giving back feels great. Even more so when it opens up opportunities for students to get hands-on experiences with the tools vital to their trades.

Brand design happens in the physical and digital worlds. To do this at KISKA, designers work within a paper airplane’s throw of engineering and prototyping specialists. Like Studio Engineer Maximilian Klaus, who closely collaborates with Transportation Designers and Product Experience Designers to transform 2D visions into reality. 

“Giving back to the community will prompt future talent to evolve.”

RAINER TRUMMER | Support Services Director

As essential Max and his teammates are to the design process, so too are the tools of their trade: 3D scanners. For Max, it’s important that students in the fields of digital modelling, engineering, and design get their hands on 3D scanners early. Getting a feel for cutting-edge technology will benefit their future careers and be vital to the success of the businesses they’ll work for one day. 

When we had a Creaform scanner to donate during a system upgrade, giving it to HTL St. Pölten was a no-brainer. A university of applied sciences and art in Lower Austria, HTL St. Pölten trains up experts in a number of creative fields, like Max. A lifelong motorsports fan and gearhead, Max started at KISKA as an intern in 2016. Now he is one of the studio’s specialists in 3D-scanning, 3D-printing, and CAD, and plays a key role in developing our Engineering and Prototying support services. Aside from being passionate about developing motorcycles, boats, and other performance vehicles, he loves seeing final products in use years down the road (or racetrack): “Even better is when you overhear people saying good things about a product you helped make.” 

“I felt quite proud when I learned that KISKA was giving a scanner to my old school. It was a way for me to say, ‘Thank you!’”

MAXIMILIAN KLAUS | Studio Engineer

As such, he is eager to share his experiences with students and came up with the idea for the donation. He set it up with the school director and also did a demo for the class. “I felt quite proud when I learned that KISKA was giving a scanner to my old school. It was a way for me to say, ‘Thank you!’ for my education in a way that the students can actually work with and learn with.”

For Rainer Trummer, KISKA’s Support Services Director, the decision was an easy one to support: “We’ve hired exceptional talent from the HTL St. Pölten and donating a scanner to them closed the circle. Giving back to the community will prompt future talent to evolve.”

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