Parametric Design tunes the rules of possibility.

By Stephan Lintner I Lead Designer

The limits of engineering, manufacturing, and tooling are the realities of design.

They’ve never stopped our clients in product design from asking us to do the “impossible” though. It’s why we come to work in the morning. And now we’ve got a better enabler than ever: Parametric Design.

KISKA lead designer Stephan Lintner
Stephan Lintner

I explain Parametric Design to clients as an advanced technique that builds function and purpose into their products’ structure. In turn, it creates geometries that are beyond the possibility of conventional design tools. What we do is make functional requirements a set of parameters. Then we make those into shapes. Parametric Design allows for intuitive setup of solution strategies, and fast iteration for improvement. It lets KISKA designers quickly look into conceptual alternatives and create stuff like this:

Done in a virtual space, Parametric Design is very flexible but also produces complex physical objects efficiently. With it, we are tuning the rules of possibility (and amazing clients). Here’s how:

Iteration is focussed, so trying new things is easier.

Iteration is elementary to design. But, the dream is deeper concept exploration with greater efficiency. Parametric Design generates different shapes and surfaces with relative ease and speed. You control points of influence through data and other values, or filter and alter weights of influence. Small updates have immediate impact, so tuning loops are very focussed. However, the range and depth of concept exploration increases.

Individual needs become personalised solutions.

Parametric Design is unleashing a new level of product customisation by tying human data directly into the design and engineering process. Check out the three soles in the image above. Sole pressure is illustrated and isolated by the pressure map. Using parametric software, these pressure points are translated into a supportive sole structure unique to an individual. It isn’t just any shoe. It’s YOUR shoe.

Prototyping workflows improve.

Paired with additive manufacturing, Parametric Design makes prototype development more streamlined than ever. Building solutions in-house and testing them on-the-spot, iteration is fast and done as much as needed. The enhanced workflow creates a more refined final mock-up, improving client evaluation. Parametric Design is breaking the mould of engineering and manufacturing. Literally.

Parametric Design is the pinnacle of purpose-built and personalised design. At minimum, it gives a design kick to all sorts of things. Sporting goods, lightweight products, consumer electronics; the list goes on. Used to its fullest extent, it changes the structure of objects and fundamentally alters their purpose in the process. Creating something people want. So, while manufacturing and business models make the shift to mass customisation, Parametric Design is a promising catalyst.

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