What’s it like being a Product Management Consultant?

Hands & Minds | Yu-Hsiang Lu

“I love motorcycles and I am grateful to be part of creating them. It gives me a great sense of achievement to see people riding a product that I planned.”

What do you do as a Product Management Consultant?

In Strategic Product Management at KISKA, my task is defining the strategy behind a product at the fuzzy front-end of its development. For motorcycles specifically, I formulate specs and ergonomic settings, and also ensure that it will meet its planned targets.

I need to fully understand the needs and expectations of riders, as well as the technical capabilities they require in a motorcycle. I also need to solve any product pain points and scout out trends in technology, markets, and products. I’m the voice of the customer. 


Describe your day-to-day work.

Communication is the biggest part of my everyday work. It takes a lot of time, and happens over email, in meetings and workshops, and through visual documents. Theoretically, most of my time is spent creating product concepts, but more time is used ensuring the concept is effectively communicated to all of the stakeholders to reach a consensus.

How would you describe the dynamic on your team, and how you work together with KISKA clients?

It’s collaboration at the highest level. The team and I work closely with the very top management at two-wheel companies. I can do this especially effectively because I am a product manager working outside of a company’s hierarchy, daily work, and politics. Once management are on-board with a product, I communicate and coordinate between engineering on the client side, and brand and design on the KISKA side.  

What’s the best thing about your job? And, the most challenging?

KISKA provides me the opportunity to meet with motorcycle enthusiasts of different nationalities and levels. This allows me to learn about the differences between the eastern and western cultures of motorcycles and expand my worldview, which is my favourite part. 

The biggest challenge is to balance and manage all stakeholder expectations, so we can deliver vehicles that riders love. 

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