Good water is crystal clear, as is good design.

Gasteiner | Brand Boost

Increased market share. 

Mineral water sales growth is slow, but Gasteiner’s are up five percent.

Brand empowerment. 

Clear brand promise, values, and story generate future vision and growth.

Redefining limits. 

Integrating brand, engineering, and design creates a cutting-edge product.

How do you sell water where it flows freely?

People living in the Alps are blessed with unrestricted access to pristine drinking water. That’s why selling it seems like an outrageous proposition.

That is, until you channel your values into it. Gasteiner water is not just tap water. It is pure glacial water. Sourced from an ancient glacier, it’s imbued with therapeutic minerals created over 20,000 years ago. It’s liquid gold.

Before design comes curiosity, and research made three things crystal clear.

First off, the Gasteiner brand needed an overhaul. Then, a new design for their most tangible touchpoint was needed. Finally, spreading the word needed to happen, with consistency, across the entire brand.

Working closely with Gasteiner, a new market position in-line with the brand’s heritage was created. Then, everything else followed suit. A crystalline-structured bottle was designed to look like it was mined from a mountain range. A new brand identity was created that showed itself in refreshed ad designs, online presence and trade show architecture.

Brand isn’t a business of easy wins. 

We’re in it for the long haul. Empowered by its bold brand vision and refreshed look, Gasteiner increased its market share by a cool five percent.

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