What’s working here like?
Find out all about life in the KISKA studio and our team culture.

Being at KISKA means you have the freedom to create new experiences and explore new areas. The range of creative fields means projects are multidisciplinary and inspirational. Working on projects for global brands you’ll collaborate in ways that don’t happen anywhere else. Because KISKA isn’t like anywhere else.

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What’s it like being a Senior Graphic Designer?

“It’s inspiring to be on a team of highly skilled characters who have diverse know-how and infectious creative drive.”

CARINA WANKMÜLLER | Senior Graphic Designer


What’s it like working in Apparel and Gear Design?

“The challenging part of the job is what makes it so interesting: the different needs of each brand.”

ROSANNA HAIDER | Strategic Product Manager, Apparel and Gear

KISKA Product Experience Designers, Aurore Firtion and Manuel Zepic rendering Volta e-moblility charging station in landscape crop

What it’s like to be Product Experience Designers.

“For me, user insights are key to the design process. They enable us to create meaningful experiences”

AURORE FIRTION | Product Designer

Do I need a portfolio?

Creative positions need a showcase of work: a portfolio, website, show reel, or client list. Whatever it is, you should prove a diversity of work across products and services. Show us your creative thinking throughout a project. From ideation, to concepts, to prototypes. Demonstrate your brand thinking. Share how you apply knowledge to achieve innovative results.

What’s an interview at KISKA like?

KISKA interviews are authentic, so come as you are and ask us anything! While you tell us about your experience and skills, we’ll introduce you to team leaders and the studio. Besides that, tours and coffee with your potential teammates are common.

What’s more important? Experience, skill, or cultural fit?

Experience, skill and cultural fit are all balanced at KISKA. Whatever you’re into, you’ve got a head start if you’re passionate about design, are open-minded, and think it’s cool to make an impact. You’ll drive your experience and skill to cool new places with on-the-job training and development. Supporting your passion is our priority. If you seek out challenge, are excited about authenticity and inspired by others, you’ll fit in well at KISKA.

If you’re a fit, but the right job isn’t open we’ll find a space for you anyways!

In which areas does KISKA offer internships?

Internships are a great way to get started at KISKA. Sports, after-work hiking, group travel and team lunches mean the spirit amongst interns is strong. The studio’s integrated design style means there’s a lot of fields under one roof – and they all have internships. Here’s a taste: transportation design, product design, UI and UX design, CTG design, apparel design, graphic design, copywriting, digital modelling, clay modelling, photography, film, and more. Our strategic, brand consulting and studio teams are always looking for passionate teammates too.

Check out our current openings, or use our Quick Apply function if you don’t see an opportunity in your field. All you need is your CV, portfolio and a short message.

Can I do my thesis with KISKA?

Of course. Supporting new talent is important to KISKA and we collaborate on cool and innovative projects. Drop us a line by using our Quick Apply function.

What projects do interns work on?

Everyone gets involved from day one. From interns to leads. Supported by your team and line manager, you will learn and grow. You’ll get deeply involved in the creative process, innovate and contribute to a range of work.

The fast pace, variety of clients and project diversity means every day is a big picture day. Each idea counts and there is plenty of opportunity to keep your knowledge fresh. You will take on new responsibilities, develop your skills and explore new areas in your field.

How does moving to Salzburg work? Do I need to bring anything to do the job?

Relocation to KISKA’s Salzburg headquarters is personalised. Whether you’re an intern, or full-time. Our HR team supports the transition to Austria. They’ll guide you through the visa process, help you open a bank account, and register for health insurance. Flexible hours help accommodate such administration tasks. Special leave for moving and other life events mean you won’t have to use your guaranteed holiday hours for anything but having a good time. In-house German classes and doctor visits make integrating into life in Austria a little bit easier.

You will find everything needed to do the job in KISKA’s 5,900 m2 studio. Including equipment, programs, materials and technology. For interns, HR arranges housing and it is often quite close the KISKA studio. The studio has laundry and cooking facilities, making it a cool place to hang outside of working hours. While you are here, consider KISKA your home away from home.

Who sees my personal data when I apply for a job?

We collect and save what is submitted on the career page, but only those directly involved in hiring see it. Data like:

› Name, salutation, email address and nationality

› CV, portfolio, any images and documents

› Additional information, including introduction, reason for applying and passion

› Time the application was submitted

You can also read KISKA’s privacy statement. Check it out >

Application Process

KISKA’s application process is straightforward and hiring is very personalised. From start to finish, we aim for no more than 12 weeks. We invest a lot of effort into recruitment, because we invest a lot in you.


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Sarah Muchitsch

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Anna Aichinger

Junior HR Generalist

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