Giving people on the move a home – and wheels.

Speculative Project I Future Mobility

“I’m here, for now.”

More people are living in short-term set-ups. Maybe you are one of them? Whether by choice or necessity, temporary living is progressively normalised. Pursuing the theme, this speculative project between teammates is now a future mobility concept for a nomadic generation.

Not signing off on settling down.

KISKA Designer Antoine de Salaberry is like many new professionals. A fulltime gig is welcome after years of student life, but he isn’t ready to settle down. His vision? A mobility and temporary housing service for people who move often. Especially younger people starting their careers.

Fun fact: KISKA is open to interns outside of work hours.

Tapping into the team and facilities, Antoine’s vision took shape when his workday was done. He worked especially close with digital modelling intern Odilon Loiez. What began as, “Hey, can you help me build this?”, became a proper collaboration. Using a workflow of on-the-spot sketching and real-time rendering with Blender 2.8, the guys tuned the design fast. The KISKA engineering and modelling teams got in on the action too. Lending their time and expertise, volumes became renders and animations evolved into a physical model.

Hard-core teamwork and fluid idea sharing are natural for KISKA. 

It was however, unlike anything Antoine and Odilon experienced at school and other work placements. Experimental and hands-on, their key takeaway was how much they learned about other fields and collaborative design processes.

The final concept is a sort of “vehicular backpack”. Combined with a global network of on-call housing, the vehicle plugs into home “pods” that people book and stay in as long as they want. The vehicle itself is suitable for long and short journeys. There is enough storage in its soft side panels to transport core belongings and the relaxed seating position is comfortable enough long-distance driving. The side panels are also removable, which creates a vehicle suitable for last mile commuting, exploring, and other short drives.

The fact that the concept makes you think about a range of change topics is particularly interesting. Like the flexible and global nature of the job market. Or, the trends of minimal living and subscription-based ownership. It even taps into the role of cars in the autonomous age. And, that’s what internships are all about at KISKA.

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