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Co-Creation Bike Frame | KISKA Project  

In 2024, KISKA hosted ‘Co-creating with YOUR nature’ – an event tailored for munich creative business week. And bespoke for this occasion, we created a captivating concept art installation.

For munich creative business week 2024, we created an installation to demonstrate WHAT we do and HOW we do it. This year’s theme was ‘Co-create with nature’; giving us the perfect platform to explore how everyone can boost their creativity by triggering the release of dopamine – a natural biochemical associated with learning, inspiration, and fun.

With the help of the Munich team, we transformed our German studio into a dopamine lab. Guests ate dopamine-releasing small bites, like seeds, leafy greens, beans, and ginger shots. A creativity corner was set up where our guests and designers sketched their ideas. And, with help from our internal ‘concept lab’, we designed a high art centrepiece – a bike frame model.

A design to get you excited. To get your blood pumping. To get the dopamine flowing.

This speed project took place over two weeks. And involved the collaboration between many of our KISKANIANs across our studios. From the Munich crew, designers Daniel and Max played with loose sketches, focusing on visual balance and organic shapes. He generated an aero-feel with the line drawn from the handlebar to the end of the saddle, creating a super-integrated look. 

“Designing a sculpture which embodies the future vision for a bike or even an entire brand is the best part of being a designer. You can focus on bringing magic to life”

– Daniel Frintz | Bicycles Design Lead

Unreal yet real, the concept looks and feels like a piece of art.  

Stefan then took the sketches and modelled them digitally, providing accurate CAD data to support 3D printing by Tobi. The process of printing the frame took two and a half days in our workshop. In our Anif studio, Elvis then took over – painting the frame in our painting workshop, in combination with stunning graphics created by Max.  

“The most exciting part for me was finally seeing the freshly painted frame, after everyone put so much effort and hard work into the project” 

– Max Rauhudt | Junior Designer

Then it was onto the next step… 

From our product design team, Clément framed the art piece against a column of translucent plastic and cut together a short case film. This was projected over the final product, showing each design step etched satisfyingly together in stop motion. Finally, we crafted some custom event stickers and a five-foot poster to complete the mini exhibition.  

“Seeing the project seamlessly merging together and projected on the bike frame was really exciting” 

– Clément Jacquet | Junior Designer 

A balance between pure art and tech prowess. A hybrid between physical and digital. 

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