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Reconnect. Celebrate. Get ready for what’s next. That’s KISKA Day. Actually, it’s life at KISKA every day.

High energy. Anything-goes creativity. Cool, yet unpretentious. Direct, but chill. Intensely welcoming.

These are just some of the ways people describe KISKA’s culture, which is known for its authenticity, action, and openness. Two years of pandemic restrictions, however, took their toll.

So, we came up with KISKA Day. A much-needed day just for us. Designed to refresh our team dynamic and reboot that distinct studio feeling. 

KISKA Day kick-off.

KISKA Day started with a breakfast of epic proportions. Colourful and healthy, it energised us for the first task: 90-second team videos that describe the role of each department. Sounds sober, but the final cuts were anything but. In fact, they were hilarious. 

“Best team bonding event ever.”

After lunch, we made and raced soapbox cars in teams. Each was made up of different people from across the studio – just like we do for client projects. As one of our teammates said, “The soapbox cars were like an integrated design project. Only this time with 100% less work and all about the fun.”

While we “worked”, the Managing Partners served the drinks and then the teams presented their entries with flair – including music, dancing, and improvised costumes. KISKA Founder and Chairman Gerald Kiska evaluated each for creativity, team spirit, and speed.

Was it raining? Yes, it poured. Was it cold? Absolutely. Did it matter? Nope! Even though the weather was difficult, no one cared.  

Strong roots, bright future.

After all the “work” came the party, and it was one for the books (we’ve got the Polaroid wall to prove it). 

Ultimately though, by shaking up the norm, mixing the teams, and putting smiles on faces, KISKA Day reconnected the studio. We met all the new faces and hung out with familiar ones. We re-established our roots as a fun, unique, and independent place to work, and were inspired to think about our future. Because of it, we’re a stronger international brand and design agency than ever.

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Donating a 3D-scanner to HTL St. Pölten kicked off a collaboration between KISKA and local creatives.


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