What’s it like being a Senior Transportation Designer?

Wojtek Bachleda | Hands & Minds

Senior Transportation Designer Wojtek Bachleda lives the dream: sketching cars. But he never skips reality. Including packaging, engineering, and brand.

What do you do at KISKA?

We have a great team, so I can go crazy on sketching and creating every day. I follow the design process from the briefing and conceptual phase all the way to 3D-modelling and the finished product.

Describe your day-to-day work.

I deep dive into projects, which starts with a briefing and understanding what the client wants. I like to do my own research at the start of projects, because I get a better idea of the personality of the user. I watch a lot of YouTube, chat with the clients and my team. I’ll go to the racetrack any time I can. I sketch a lot in this phase too, and eventually I’ll come up with a key sketch or render. It’ll inspire the entire project, so it needs to speak for itself.

Then comes the fun part: bringing the concept to reality. You need a multi-disciplinary team to do this, so I work with Modellers, CTG Designers, Project Managers, Engineers, brand experts, Client Directors…everyone.

There’s two sides to the job. Sketching all day is the dream, but I have to understand the reality of a project, like packaging and engineering. Creating a product that works in reality – while keeping the spark of the original design – is hard, but the most fun.

How would you describe your team dynamic and how you work with KISKA clients?

It’s a real team effort, because with the right mix of people you’ll always come up with the coolest s***!

Seriously though, the client and their project are the most important and you deliver results with teamwork. The best team has complementary skills, which makes design fun. There’s never one “right way” to do it.

Also, I love working with clients. When we meet and spend time together, their enthusiasm rubs off on me and I get even more pumped about their projects. Sometimes it’s hard not to get totally caught up in their world!

What’s the best thing about your job? And, the most challenging?

The best part of my job is getting to fulfil my curiosity and design cool experiences for many different brands. I’ve never been bored in over 10 years.

The difficult part is quickly getting up to speed with projects. Suddenly I have to be the expert on a topic, because the client is. To design something that is credible, you have to go all out. Products have to work in their world, but also push their product forward and even challenge how things have always been done.

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