The future of home tech: AWE 2024

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Over 1,500 global exhibitors. 13 packed halls. More than 200,000 total visitors. And countless opportunities for brands. Get our low-down on the most promising trends for 2024 below.

AI and IoT contribute to a rise in smarthome convenience and safety. And brands utilise them to create immersive, hands-on showrooms for effective product displays at exhibitions.

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Over 50% of Chinese families have kitchens under 6m2. So, brands which prioritise integrated and all-in-one home solutions have the upper hand. Brands have the option to pursue visually appealing appliances and (as appliances get more complicated) find new ways to manage product experience design.

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China’s aging population (and information-age youth) drive the demand for health detection tech in products. Brands which communicate effectively in terms of their user’s health can build trust, increase brand awareness, and broaden their consumer base.

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随着新品牌新威骑 X-WEDGE 的诞生以及奔达、钱江、无极和龙嘉等品牌推出的新产品,巡航车、边车和三轮车正在成为市场的焦点。​


Users increasingly value brands which align with their own values and lifestyle choices, a trend also represented in the gaming, outdoor lifestyle, art, and retro design sectors. Brands which aim to resonate with users drive deeper engagement which increases advocacy and word-of-mouth power.

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Young people are embracing a traditional Chinese lifestyle, prompting brands to embrace classical elements and design cues. Embracing and aligning with these changing values may place brands in a favourable position and deepen user’s connections to their heritage.

A fresh era of CMF is characterized by vibrant colours, innovative materials, and diverse finishes – reflecting a shift towards more expressive, customisable, and environmentally-conscious design solutions. Embracing user tastes enhances brand loyalty and gains user appreciation. However, care must be taken as product aesthetics directly impact brand perception and identity.

Appliance design is experiencing significant advancements with the integration of digital features and interactive surfaces. Both of which offer more personalised and hands-on user experiences. Leveraging surfaces for more convenient, efficient, and seamless integration of tech is a huge opportunity. But brands must examine real needs and incorporate the right features to ensure their efforts are at eye-level with their consumer base – and therefore win user loyalty.

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