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UYN | Brand Creation

Consumer conversion.

A launch at the ISPO Munich tradeshow turns 80% of contacts into clients.

Ten months, 360º brand. 

Service integration creates an all-new brand. From strategy to apparel design.

New power-player. 

Pushing boundaries in a competitive industry, UYN is in leader territory.

From its logo to 210 garments, KISKA transformed functional apparel manufacturer UYN into into a distinct and competitive sporting goods brand.

From production to brand.

UYN delivers a brand experience in line with its proposition and innovation at every touchpoint. In everything from apparel to POS, UYN brings to mind the interaction between body and material.

But, before UYN came Trerè. The leader of high-tech, functional apparel in the hyper-competitive sports industry, Trerè is a private label business with a firm grip on the sportswear chain. With no products or brand of their own however, Trerè sought an integrated solution. A 360º experience including proposition, apparel, product innovation and communication.

In 10 months.

Defining a proposition.
Designing apparel.

Cross-functional teams executed a series of brand development and design sprints. Focussed on the USP and innovation, marketing specialists created a holistic brand proposition. Core values of “Quality, Perfection, Openness, Humanity” showcase 70 years of functional apparel experience. A bold brand name channelled the pursuit of progress and perfection: UYN. Also known as, “Unleash Your Nature”.

Style and function for a better feeling.

In parallel, research and development uncovered the need from athletes and physiotherapists for a new kind of sportswear. Versatile products that leave the body fresh and supported. The mind in the moment. Sportswear that looks great and feels even better. That flawlessly merges style and function for a better feeling.

Equipped with market insights and a brand proposition, product managers and apparel designers created a winter collection. A strategic set of 210 garments targeting passionate sport enthusiasts. Base layers, mid layers, socks and accessories that UYN can sustainably develop in the future and featuring innovations developed in-house. Including design and production data.

HyperMotion: Feel the innovation.

The innovation came from the brand proposition and user insights extracted from R&D in Austria. HyperMotion transition technology is a patented knitting and tailoring method. Made from a single piece of fabric, the material’s different compression zones transition smoothly. It offers the best temperature management, optimal posture support and total freedom of movement. For the first time, engineering a seamless shoulder-sleeve construction is possible.

HyperMotion transition technology is visible in every UYN garment. Enhanced by the fading effects of colour and texture. Reflecting the knitwear’s support and compression, a distinct UYN product language is made.

Weaving a brand from functions and benefits.

The holistic UYN experience creates brand equity at every consumer interaction point. From digital design and photo style, to POS and packaging. It demonstrates movement and showcases posture support. It highlights the materials and celebrates cross-use.

The resulting launch at ISPO Munich was spectacular, with an 80% conversion rate of UYN visitors to clients. Sponsorships were also solidified. Winter athletes in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Slovenia all wear UYN.

By pushing boundaries in a competitive industry, UYN is powering Trerè’s expansion into power-player territory.

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