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Transportation Designer f/m

“Motorbikes have always been my universe, my passion and now I’m behind the scenes, shaping their future – that’s the best thing about my job”
Maxime, senior designer

When’s the last time you saw one of your designs make it past the screen? For a KISKA transportation designer, it’s all in a day’s work. The rapid-fire nature of our projects and minimal team hierarchy means you’re never just another cog in the wheel. Though we’re renowned for our motorcycle design, brands from all areas of transportation look to us when they’re in need of inventive solutions to challenges they weren’t anticipating, or new perspectives on age-old problems.

Working with an international team of designers, modellers, engineers and team riders, you’ll be responsible for two-wheel projects – from the blank page, to the final product. Long story short: you’ll create impact. Big impact. The client relationship is direct, decision-making processes are fast and relationships with your fellow designers and engineers are close.

To see your sketches in real life, you’ll need:

  • The kind of expertise and attitude that puts you in the enviable position of letting you objectively assess the designs you and your colleagues create.
  • Experience! But, not just in terms of growing your design skills. You’ll have developed an international perspective, leadership skills and an open mind.
  • Fluency in English, which allows you to communicate with team members from around the world.

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