"Build a conversation between user and the product."
Michal, Interaction Design Director
You love displays of all types, buttons of all shapes and sizes, joysticks, LEDs, loudspeakers, sensors, RFIDs, IoT stacks and can inspire designers with new emerging trends in technology. You will build suitable prototypes for the task at hand. Whether it’s a low fidelity prototype made of cardboard to "play with" or a high-fidelity prototype used to convince the management board of a client. Physical and digital prototyping is the backbone of our creative process. We try to build every idea, every design, as soon as possible. We never take a decision without some form of prototype. We touch it; we play with it; we observe it; we break it; we improve it, we start over.


  • Working with the modelling team to 3D print, mill, mould and assemble a prototype. Program human-computer interactions to manifest the design intention.
  • You are a software generalist, able to choose suitable tools to achieve the goals of the prototypes.
  • Grow and manage a team of highly qualified makers and tinkerers.
  • Close collaboration with Interaction and Product Designers, helping them to deliver production and market-ready solutions.


  • University or College degree in HCI, engineering, software engineering or advanced design.
  • 3 + years of professional experience in the field of human computer interaction, human factors design, interaction design.
  • Affinity and passion to try things out, inspire an iterative design process.
  • A good ability to present, demonstrate and share your creations.

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The Austrian government requires us to state the MINIMUM salary for every position. In this case it is €45,000 gross per year. Since we always tailor salary packages to market rates, your experience and your education, please don’t take that number too seriously! KISKA is also an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention.