“Uncovering a brand’s true ambition, and translating it into product experiences that customers love – there’s nothing better. Nothing.”
Christian, Lead Designer
Working at the intersection of vision and passion, in this role you will lead junior designers as they deliver impactful branded experiences with product design. From user research and client workshops, to concept design and product development.


  • Embrace innovation, trends in lifestyle, technology and design, as a base for creating on-point brand experiences.
  • Directly interact and work with clients to define their goals, and deliver on them.
  • Oversee the entire product experience design process.
  • Create a collaborative climate and give junior designers the direction and space they need to execute project steps and develop their skills.


  • A portfolio! With it, you show us who you are and how you approach design challenges. Websites and Behance pages are also great, but please include a portfolio in your application.
  • Five or more years of product design experience. Including working with developers and manufacturers.
  • A proven experience in user-centric design, going beyond product design alone. Here, a background in user experience design is a definite plus.
  • Drive to push creative boundaries, in balance with business realities.

Made for you? Apply now.

It’s the law in Austria to state MINIMUM annual salaries. In this case, it’s €45,000. Don’t take that number too seriously though, because salaries are always customised to market rates and merit. KISKA is also an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention.